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A solution for extra child safety is our bulletproof backpack shield insert or ballistic backpack shield insert for elementary, middle, and high school backpacks

By September 13, 2019November 22nd, 2019News
A SAFE PACK: The Only Choice for Your Child

A SAFE PACK: The Only Choice for Your Child

When situations take a turn for the worse, and an active shooter puts a child at risk, body armor can help to make the difference between life or death.  Choosing the most appropriate body armor for your child can be a daunting task, so we are here to guide you through the process.  We will analyze and consider some key factors in choosing body armor, and think that you will find A SAFE PACK to be the only choice for your child.

The following are some items to consider:

  • Soft, flexible armor (level IIIa)is only applicable for knives, pistols, and shotguns. Although,A SAFE PACK can sell a flexible plate, we feel as though this type puts a child in a more dangerous situation because it can provide a false sense of security.
  • Armor is rated by level. The higher the level, the more protectionit provides. Soft armor is generally a level IIIa or below, and hard armor is III and above; the higher the number, the greater the level of protection.  Armor is rated at level I, II, IIIa, III, IV, and V
  • Level IIIa WILL NOT STOP a 7.62 round.
  • Choosing body armor is NOT about compromise; A SAFE PACK provides the greatest protection for the price, with very few draw backs.
  • Curved plates are preferred over flat plates.
  • Weight does matter, especially where a child is concerned.
  • Full body armor is not practical.
  • Steel or ceramic armor is not practical; steel is heavy and ceramic breaks and will not absorb many hits.

“Bulletproof” does NOT mean Bullet Proof

NOTHING is foolproof; ANYTHING can be permeated, even an armored tank.  No gun silencer makes a gunshot totally silent and even unbreakable china can break.  With that said, NO body armor will protect 100% of the time, but A SAFE PACK gives the BEST chance of surviving the attack of an active shooter.  ALL body armors are considered “ballistic” plates because they are designed and used to stop bullets.

Types of Body Armor

Buyers can often confuse brand names with material.  Body armor is steel, ceramic or synthetic/UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) plastic.For example, Kevlar is a synthetic fiber trademarked by DuPont.  A SAFE PACK is made from a plastic fiber fabric called polyethylene.

Each material has its pluses and minuses:


  • Least expensive
  • Thinnest
  • Weighs the most
  • Very durable
  • Forms spalling upon impact unless specifically coated


  • Most costly
  • Thickest
  • Weighs the least
  • Not durable
  • Disintegrates after being hit only a few times

UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) plastic:

  • Happy medium between ceramic and steel
  • Buoyant
  • Back face deformities occur after multiple hits, although, the integrity of the shield remains
  • Passes through metal detectors

Body Plate “Cuts”

“Cut” refers to the outline shape of the plate and is generally a matter of personal preference.The following are the cuts currently available through different manufactures:

  • Rectangular(1): A good choice for the back, but cumbersome for the front
  • SAPI(2): The corners are slightly angled
  • Shooter(3): More aggressive angled top cornersand angled bottom corners
  • Swimmer(4): Most aggressively angled all corners

A SAFE PACK only sells the Shooter Cut because it provides maximum protection with minimum weight.

Inserting A Safe Pack

A SAFE PACK is easily inserted into any backpack with a laptop compartment.  Simply insert the shield with a “Strike Face” facing forward and the aggressively angled corners at the top.  The curve of the shield will naturally conform to most body types.


A SAFE PACK is designed to cover the vital organs: the heart, lungs, and a portion of the liver and kidneys.  When worn in the front, be sure that the top of the armor touches just under the middle junction of the collar bones and the bottom comes to the base of the rib cage. When worn on the back, the top of the shield should touch around the middle of the scapula, making the bottom touch near the lumbar area.  BE SURE THAT THE ARMOR DOES NOT RIDE TOO LOW.


Every child can be taught to use A SAFE PACK.  Instruct the child to sit on their knees, with feet facing flat behind them, and tuck in their arms and head, just like a turtle!  Pre-disaster rehearsal will make them confident and avoid panic in the event of an actual active shooter.

Please realize, even if you are wearing the best armored plate, getting shot is traumatic.  With that said, some wear a soft cushioning pad between the plate and their torso.

Gallup states, “(the) majority of parents think that a school shooting could occur in their community”.   School violence continues to be tragically thrust into the news and parents pessimistically believe nothing can prevent the shootings.  In the event of an attack by an active shooter, A SAFE PACK offers an additional defense.A SAFE PACK can give your child a better chance of surviving an active shooter.  By purchasing A SAFE PACK, you are taking a big step in helping to protect your child.


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