Learn About Our Mission

to make sure every child comes home safe

A SAFE PACK is a mission – NOT a business

We developed our bulletproof backpack shields in response to the increasing incidents of gun violence in schools. Our goal is to make sure every child comes home safe.

A Safe Pack provides a lightweight ballistic shield

that can be inserted into any backpack and acts as a barrier against high powered ammunition.

Why should you choose A Safe Pack?

Because we don’t just create shields, we create a safety solution!
Made in America

We get the best from the best


Lighter than most school books

Level III

Can withstand a 7.62 round rifle

Metal Detector friendly

Take anywhere


Made with polyethylene

Let’s face it …

Act of school violence can scare and confuse a child who should feel safe in their educational environment. Parents must be prepared to discuss safety with their children, so A SAFE PACK developed Tank, America’s Super Turtle. Tank will help to alleviate by helping parents discuss what to do i the event of an active shooter.

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"These shootings scare me to death. I have to do something to protect my babies, and at least now I am doing something!"

Holly McCoy

“Thank goodness someone finally did something to help protect our future leaders. This product is going to make a difference for our kids, by providing protection when they are wearing the backpack.Thanks Safe Pack!!!”

Jennifer F

“Awesome product for our children. You can never be too safe and will do anything to protect them.”

Robin S

“I’m so happy to find a product that will protect children. It’s so easy for children to use and is very lightweight in their backpacks!”

Tracey W

“Brilliant idea, and highly recommended for children and adults.”

Anne Marie V