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A Safe Pack: "Introducing Tank the Turtle"
Bulletproof Backpack Body Armor
making sure every child comes home safe

A Safe Pack® bulletproof backpack for children is a Level III+, light ballistic body armor shield designed to protect and ensure every child comes home safe from school

A SAFE PACK is a mission – NOT a business

We developed the light ballistic A Safe Pack® shield as bulletproof backpack armor to ensure every child comes home safe. This light ballistic shield is easily inserted into the back of your child’s backpack and provides a:

  • Barrier against high-powered ammunition
  • An extra safety solution for your child while in school
  • Level III+ bulletproof backpack insert to protect from a high-powered 7.62 round rifle bullet(s)
  • Lightweight safety solution (lighter than most school books)
  • An option to take anywhere as it’s “metal-detector friendly”
  • Durable, polyethylene
  • Made-in-America solution

Our Mission is to bring every child home safe!

Our bulletproof backpack for children are in response to increasing incidents of gun violence in schools.

Our goal is to take the fear and confusion that children may have in an educational environment. A new role for every parent is to discuss safety with their child, so we developed Tank, America’s Super Turtle to help deliver your messaging in case your child is faced with an active shooter situation.

This product is a Level III+ body armor and is the ONLY product that will protect your child from a rifle.

Do not settle for imitations that are level 3A which is “bullet resistant”. This product is BULLET PROOF! – Bullet proof vests are not available on Amazon.

Why should you choose A Safe Pack?

Because we don’t just create shields, we create a safety solution!
Made in America

We get the best from the best


Lighter than most school books

Level III

Can withstand a 7.62 round rifle

Metal Detector friendly

Take anywhere


Made with polyethylene

Let’s face it …

Act of school violence can scare and confuse a child who should feel safe in their educational environment. Parents must be prepared to discuss safety with their children, so A SAFE PACK developed Tank, America’s Super Turtle. Tank will help to alleviate fear and confusion by helping parents discuss what to do in the event of an active shooter.

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"These shootings scare me to death. I have to do something to protect my babies, and at least now I am doing something!"

Holly McCoy

“Thank goodness someone finally did something to help protect our future leaders. This product is going to make a difference for our kids, by providing protection when they are wearing the backpack.Thanks Safe Pack!!!”

Jennifer F

“Awesome product for our children. You can never be too safe and will do anything to protect them.”

Robin S

“I’m so happy to find a product that will protect children. It’s so easy for children to use and is very lightweight in their backpacks!”

Tracey W

“Brilliant idea, and highly recommended for children and adults.”

Anne Marie V


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