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A BACK-to-SCHOOL CHECKLIST should include a discussion on school shootings and our lightweight backpack bulletproof armor plate or ballistic body armor insert

By September 13, 2019November 22nd, 2019News
school checklist

Your children’s school will provide a list for Back-to-School supplies and that is very important. The Other Back-to-School Checklist is the one I feel is even more important and must be used to ensure your child comes home safe. This is a tough subject matter and some feel we shouldn’t discuss school shootings. I disagree. We talk about drugs, stranger danger and other big issues so why not school shootings? We must talk with and prepare our children should a school shooting occur on their campus. We want to help you talk to your children and be informed yourself on the required safety precautions your school should be taking.

  • What is your school policy for entering campus? (one access, ID required, bags searched)
  • Are active shooter drills a part of school safety?
  • Does school have metal detectors and are they in use daily?
  • Is there a school resource officer and are the children comfortable with his presence?
  • Communication: Is the school providing resources for you to talk about shooters with your child? Is local law enforcement communicating with you too?
  • Are teachers permitted to carry firearms and what is their level of training?
  • Does the school allow your child to have body armor and will teachers help in drills?
  • What will the school do about bullying?
  • Does your school have a bus stop safety policy?

Be prepared to discuss the answers you get with your school, police department and your neighbors.  We MUST do all we can to protect our children.  Safety first is a big deal in business.  Shouldn’t it be a big deal in our children’s schools?

If you have other items to add to our checklist, please feel free to reach out to us and we will add in your ideas.


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