The Other Back-to-School Checklist

Your children’s school will provide a list for Back-to-School supplies and that is very important. The Other Back-to-School Checklist is the one I feel is even more important and must be used to ensure your child comes home safe…

Types of Body Armor

When situations take a turn for the worse, and an active shooter puts a child at risk, body armor can help to make the difference between life or death. Choosing the most appropriate body armor for your child… →

Talking to Your Children

Acts of school violence can scare and confuse a child who should feel safe in their educational situation, and they naturally seek adults for guidance, protection, and information… →

Guns in Schools and FERPA

What if I told you that there had been 12 incidents involving a firearm during 2017 in a St. Johns County School? None of the 12 were ever reported to the parents of those school children… →